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School Partnership Programme: Indonesia-Thailand

Over the years, Indonesia and Thailand have enjoyed well established cooperation in various sectors, particularly in the educational sector. Student exchange programs, dual degree programs and other undertakings regarding educational institutions have been continuously conducted between the two nations. Education improvement both in quality and quantity has always been the concern of cooperation for both countries. 

One of the efforts for the quality improvement of educational institutions in both countries could be made through a partnership program. Indonesia and Thailand as parts of ASEAN member countries have potential in strengthening relationships through educational cooperation programs in various ways. 

In relation to ASEAN Economic Community 2015, where all ASEAN nations were relatively have mobility in term of labors, products, services, and investments through the agreement, Indonesia and Thailand will have to pay more attention in preparing the education development especially in improving the quality and relevance of graduates to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive world of work. 

Technical vocational education and training would be the best areas to be explored for cooperation within the two countries as it provides skills acquisition. Skill is very vital to the growth of a developing country’s economy. It would be needed by many life sectors, not only in a modern environment, but also in agricultural and other informal sectors. It is through technical vocational education and training a more relevant graduate could be produced to meet the evolving needs of industry or employer.




  1. Office of Vocational Education Commission (OVEC), Ministry of Education of Thailand
  2. Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education (DTVE), Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia
  3. Vocational and Technical Colleges in Thailand
  4. SMKs and Polytechnics in Indonesia

Goeth-SEAMOLEC, OVEC, and each institution involved

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