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SEAMOLEC Online Training Programs

Several typical learning constraints include distance, isolated domicile, time consuming transportation, mismatch between school hour and working hour. These conditions have motivated people to get access to education without going to campus, school building, training centers, or other educational centers. Many people with the constraints cannot go to regular course or training.


However, they have the opportunity to have education through open and distance learning (ODL) mode. Through this mode people learn by themselves actively with minimal assistance from other people. They learn from printed self-instructional materials and ICT-based, such as digital book, web-based, audio and video-based, and many other teaching and learning resources. ODL delivery system can be described as falling somewhere along two continua. One continuum has as pole all students and their tutor at the same place, and as the other pole all students and their tutor in different places. The second continuum has as one pole all students and their tutor interacting in real time, that is, at the same point in time and as the other pole all students and their tutor interacting at different times.


SEAMOLEC with 20 years of experiences in developing of ODL since 1997 in Southeast Asian is starting to conduct the online training in the region with the platform of SEAMOLEC MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). In national program (Indonesia), the online training has conducted for several batches and training programs for more than 10.000 teachers as participants.


The list of SEAMOLEC Online Training program:

  1. Digital Class Development
  2. Digital Book
  3. Digital Comic
  4. Whiteboard Animation
  5. 3D Visualization
  6. Android – (Basic Programming)
  7. Edugame
  8. Augment Reality
  9. Blog Development as Learning Media


For further information,please visit etraining.seamolec.org or contact : trainingteam@seamolec.org .


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