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SEAMOLEC’s MOOC has dramatically changed the way of learning. 

Ready to get started?

SEAMOLEC’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) is a free online courses platform provided by SEAMOLEC available for anyone to enroll. SEAMOLEC MOOC provides a flexible way to learn new skills and deliver quality educational experiences at a scale. It is opened to any range of users and provides current Open Educational Resources (OER) from all subjects. This platform is very useful to develop the habit of online learning in a fun process, people may start browsing the courses by accessing it. 

The late Steve Jobs once said:

“It is good to always try to be in the intersection of technology and liberal arts. To be able to get the best of both; to make an advanced tools from the technology perspective but also have them be intuitive, easy to use, fun to use, so that they really fit the users. Users don’t have to come to them, they come to the users.”

And that is exactly the goal of SEAMOLEC, to continue developing our programmes in helping the SEAMEO Member Countries to find alternative solutions in education through the effective use of open and distance learning.

Popular Courses & Subjects on MOOC SEAMOLEC

Our participants come from all over the world! Whether you are interested in computer science, languages, or any other fields, SEAMOLEC has the courses for you. Enroll today and learn something new!

No ICT Courses Language Courses Science Courses
1 Infographic Design English Storytelling for Entrepreneurs Virtual Reality - SEA MODEL
2 Educational Comic Citizen Journalism Virtual Reality for STEAM Education
3 Metaverse for Immersive Learning    
4 3D based Learning Material Development for Beginner    
5 Technology Internet of Things    
6 Whiteboard Animation with Explee    
7 Pembuatan Media Interaktif dengan Assemblr EDU    
8 3D Visualization Siswa    
9 Basic Augmented Reality Development    
10 Introduction to Office 365    
11 SAGUSAGAME (Satu Guru Satu Game Edukasi)    
12 AI Dasar    
13 Pembelajaran Logika dan Algoritma Memanfaatkan Block Programming Scratch    
14 Video Editing with Open Source Blender    
15 Game Edukasi Berbasis GDevelop    
16 EPUB Based Learing Material    
17 Virtual Coordinator Programme    
18 Android Block Programming    
19 Blog as Learning Media    
20 Virtual Reality based Learning Material Development for Beginners    
21 Pemrograman Android Tingkat Dasar    
22 Simulasi jaringan LAN sederhana Berbasis GNS3    


No ICT Courses Language Courses Science Courses
1 Virtual Reality Belajar Bahasa Arab Masa Kini “Kayfa Chaaluk” HOTs in Mathematics Education
2 LITERASI DIGITAL - INTERNET By Kelas Muda Demokrasi Digital Belajar Abjad Jari untuk Tunarungu Belajar Matematika Bernalar dan Kontekstual
3 Kompetensi Dasar Pendidikan Jarak Jauh Introduction to Mandarin Course on Adopting 21st Century Curriculum on Science
4 Creative Commons Introduction Korean Language for Intermediate  


No ICT Courses Language Courses Science Courses
1 RETRO : Android Programming for Beginner   RETRO: Whiteboard Animation Based on Digital Learning Material
2 Global Digital Literacy   Food Safety and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control)

SEAMOLEC also opens the opportunity for all educators to take part and actively contributing to this platform by offering courses. For more information and full access to SEAMOLEC MOOC’s official website, please click this button below.


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