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Learning Resources


SEAMOLEC developed a learning resource platform, namely Sumber Belajar, which includes everything that can be used as a reference in learning. This platform is provided by SEAMOLEC in the form of separated or integrated study materials, where students are facilitated in achieving their learning goals or certain competencies.

The purposes of Sumber Belajar are:

  1. To increase learning productivity by accelerating the pace of learning and helping teachers to use time better and reduce the burden on teachers in presenting information, so that they can foster and develop more passion for learning.
  2. To strengthen learning, by increasing the ability of learning resources and presenting information and materials more concretely.
  3. To enable instantaneous learning, which reduces the gap between verbal and abstract learning, and provide direct knowledge.
  4. To enable a wider presentation of learning, by presenting information that can cope with geographical boundaries.

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