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Face To Face Training

The custom-designed training programs and new initiatives as responses to the changing needs and new challenges have been encouraged to increase responsiveness and relevance of the training services to various clients in the region. Continuous creative efforts in developing new initiatives have been a must to forge the training program ahead and signify excellent services of the Centre.

In the beginning of the year in 2015, SEAMOLEC has developed “SEA Digital Class” training program. SEA Digital Class focusing on the system development of national assessment periodical tryout and the utilization communication technology (Web Conference).

The training program also conducted based on client needs and collaboration program:

A. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Instruction

1) Web-based Course Development

• Digital Class (Introduction e-learning, Benefits of e-Learning, Introduction of Social Learning Network (SLN), the Development and Utilization of Digital Learning Content)
• Web-based Course Development using Moodle Platform
• Utilization of Blog as Learning Media

2) Multimedia Learning Material Development

• Digital Games for Learning
• Multimedia-based Digital Book Development
• Video Learning Content Utilizing Streaming Broadcast Applications)
• Creating 3 Dimensions Learning Content
• Development of Android-based Applications using App Inventor
• Animation with Graphic Design Development
• Augment Reality
• Digital Simulation (Communicate Ideas or Concepts through a Digital Presentation)

B. Open Distance Learning Development

• Preparation on Online Course Development
• Digital Self-Learning Material Development

C. Others

• Basic Android Programming (Android based Application Development)
• HTML5 (Basic Website Design based on HTML5)
• Website Development (Web page Development, Database Design, and the Understanding of Programming Algorithms)

SEAMOLEC training program participated by teachers, lecturers, staff, technicians, and students in the Region and others.

For further information,please contact : trainingteam@seamolec.org .