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China Programme

This programme is designed to meet the challenges of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) where free trade are in Asia will be one of the cosequences. This will enable all labors in Asia to join the workforce in ASEAN countries, and it will also requires quality improvement in human resources of ASEAN countries to be able to compete in the market.

SEAMOLEC was targeting cooperation with People’s Republic of China (PRC) since the government of PRC through Asian China Center (ACC) is really supportive to develop the educational sector in Southeast Asia. PRC provides various facilities like scholarship of free tuition fee and free dormitory fee for Southeast Asian high school graduates with achievement.

Started since 2013 until now SEAMEO SEAMOLEC in cooperation with ACC, has been harnessing the facilities by conducting SEA-China Vocational Study Programme and have sent 368 high school graduates coming from 167 schools from 14 provinces in Indonesia to 9 colleges in Jiangsu Province, PRC, that are SEAMOLEC’s partners.

The level of education is Diploma 3 (D3) in Vocational, which will be finished in 3 years.

Students are required to master Mandarin language (pass HSK-4 certificate) within the first year, to be able to continue their study in their field of interest for the next 2 years.

After finishing their study, students will be opened for two interesting alternatives: to work (as Mandarin language teacher or work in industry based on their field of study) or to continue study to the next level (Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral) at SEAMOLEC’s college partner in China.

In 2017 SEAMEO Secretariat, Bangkok and ACC signed memorandum of agreement for quality improvement of education with provincial government of Jiangsu for scholarship programme provided for 100.000 Southeast Asian students to continue their study in PRC.

SEAMEO Secretariat assigned SEAMOLEC as one of its centres, to socialize the scholarship offering through SEA-China Vocational Study Programme and to reach students via social media (Whatssap messenger, Wechat, Facebook, etc.). The students who are interested to join this programme then register online and selected online. After they pass the selection process they will follow the Pre-Departure programme at SEAMOLEC for 2 weeks before proceed to China for their study. From 100.000 students, SEAMOLEC targeted 500 students from Indonesia to be departed to China in 2017.

SEAMOLEC will also start to conduct training programme for teachers, and Summer/Winter/Autum Camp to China in 2017.

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