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UT and SEAMOLEC Cementing Collaboration for Open and Distance Learning
by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC - Feb 13, 2019

Located inside the same compound, Universitas Terbuka (UT) or Open University of Indonesia is the closest neighbor and has always been a long-time

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Forging Collaboration between SEAMOLEC and PUSTEKKOM in 2019
by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC - Jan 25, 2019

SEAMOLEC, Jakarta. Following up directive from Secretary General of Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) for SEAMOLEC to start synergizing and

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SEAMOLEC Introducing SIERRA at APEC Workshop
by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC - Jan 23, 2019

SEAMOLEC, Bali. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Culture and Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of

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by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC - Jan 17, 2019

Under the relevance of priority number 5: Revitalizing Teachers Education, SEAMEO Secretariat initiates a joint program with Directorate General of

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Welcoming SEAMOLEC's New Director
by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC - Jan 8, 2019

On behalf of the Centre, we are pleased to inform you that Dr. Abi Sujak, M.Sc, the Director of SEAMEO SEAMOLEC had completed his Directorship term

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Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on “The Latest Technology for Millenial Education"
by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC - Aug 20, 2018

On 10 August 2018, SEAMOLEC held Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on “The Latest Technology for Millenial Education". It was attended by 50 parti