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The Role of Teachers in Utilizing Information and Communication Technology

Technology nowadays has revolutionized our world as it evolves in various transformation and moves faster than our imaginations, ranging from industrial technology, communication technology, and mobile-based technology. Technology has significantly changed the ways people do activities in their daily life, including education. Various technologies in education were being developed to facilitate learning process and improving students’ performance, for example; digital class development, digital learning media and mobile application for learning. This has been a specific challenge for educators to develop themselves according to existing technological developments.

Al Mubarok Educational Foundation which is located at Pondok Aren, South Tangerang, Indonesia, is a foundation that is very concerned about the use of technology in education. This foundation covers multi level of education starting from Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School, and Vocational High School.

As an effort to cope with the rapid changes of technology, Al Mubarok Educational Foundation cooperates with SEAMEO SEAMOLEC in utilizing digital learning. A training programme was conducted on July 8, 2019 as a first step for their teachers and educators to develop digital learning media.

There were 30 teachers of Al Mubarok Senior High School and Vocational High School participated in this training and learned about animation drawing. All participants follow training material within collaboration model among them, and at the end of the training they presented their result of animation drawing. Simple animation drawing can explain a topic of discussion in class using media that attracts students to learn.