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The Initiative to Develop Indonesian Open Educational Resources (OER) HUB

On Monday, April 1st, 2019 SEAMEO Regional Open Learning Centre (SEAMOLEC) hosted a meeting to discuss about the initiative to develop the Rumah Belajar learning resources into English version and the Open Educational Resources (OER) Hub for Indonesia. The meeting was held at SEAMOLEC office and led by Dr. Didik Suhari, the Secretary General of Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC). It was also attended by the Head of ICT Centre of MOEC (PUSTEKKOM) and team, Head of Language Development Centre, and Directors of SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia.

In his remark, Dr. Didik shared the idea of developing the OER Hub that was referred to the 2012 Paris OER Declaration produced by World OER Congress, UNESCO, Paris, June 20-22, 2012 which among others recommends the States within their capabilities and authority to foster awareness and use of OER and facilitate enabling environments for use of information and communication technologies (ICT). Therefore, once it is completed, this project will be able to serve as Indonesia’s commitment in providing a platform equipped with various digital contents materials related to education and culture that can be accessed online by everyone from SEAMEO member countries and beyond.

As a start, SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia will be requested to contribute their existing English content materials to be uploaded to the OER Hub platform. According to Dr. Gogot Suharwoto, Head of PUSTEKKOM, Rumah Belajar has various existing content which can be selected to be translated. Rumah Belajar has currently being modified; the features are easy to be used, and the icons used in the web are changed to a more up-to-date design and style. SEAMOLEC Director, Dr. Alpha Amirrachman explained about the method in translating process of Rumah Belajar, the design and plan of OER Hub which will be using Creative Common as open license for its contents, and the advantages of OER Hub. Every creator who applies a Creative Commons license to his creations has granted direct user permission to at least duplicating and distributing his creations.

Dr. Didik also expected that all parties will be actively involved in this Rumah Belajar English Version project and make it into one of the priorities of each institution. He then specifically requested to have the list of person in charge to do the content identification and compilation from all institutions.

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