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SEAMOLEC Participated in Revisiting the SEAMEO Strategic Plan 2011-2020

The Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) as a regional intergovernmental organization has set for itself a vision of Golden SEAMEO by 2020 through SEAMEO Strategic Plan (2011-2020). The plan presents a series of objectives and actions to enhance SEAMEO’s excellence in four thematic domains: 1) Regional Leadership and International Visibility, 2) Programme Excellence and Dynamism, 3) Social Responsibility, and 4) SEAMEO Values and Internal Capacity Building. The goals, strategic themes and key result areas as set in the SEAMEO Strategic Plan are intended to guide the SEAMEO Centres’ development of their respective Five Year Development Plan with goals and priorities align to the SEAMEO Strategic Plan.

In preparation for the post 2020 SEAMEO Strategic Plan, SEAMEO Secretariat conducted the Regional Workshop On Seameo Strategic Plan (2011 – 2020) on June 17-18, 2019 at Four Wings Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. The Regional Centres and partners were invited to review the accomplishments and challenges in the implementation of SEAMEO Strategic Plan (2011 – 2020), including SEAMEO Regional Open Learning Centre (SEAMOLEC).

SEAMEO SEAMOLEC as one of 26 Centres under the auspices of SEAMEO was agreed to lead 1 out of 9 initiatives programme within the SEAMEO Strategic Plan, which is to develop Integrated SEAMEO Information System. The system will provide direct access to SEAMEO network and enable sharing of knowledge and resources among SEAMEO Units. The system will also be designed to be utilized for education, training and advocacy of SEAMEO’s work and programmes.

Dr Alpha Amirrachman, SEAMOLEC Director attended the event and contributed data related to the initiative under the lead of SEAMOLEC and identify the challenges in its implementation. The event was also conducted to gather inputs on the new SEAMEO Strategic Plan (2021 – 2035) and brainstorm on how the plans could be collectively addressed by the SEAMEO Units.

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