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SEAMOLEC in Cooperation with Universities in Southeast Asia and Europe Conducted the Biggest Sales Competition

SEAMOLEC in Cooperation with Universities in Southeast Asia and Europe Conducted the Biggest Sales Competition


In its efforts to improve the global competency of university graduates in Southeast Asia, SEAMEO Regional Open Learning Centre (SEAMOLEC) as one of active partners of the South-East Asian Sales Competition (SEASAC) project, facilitated the conduct of SEASAC 2021. There were more than 170 people involved, consisting of 80 university students as competitors, and more than 90 practitioners and educators in universities from 15 countries in Asia and Europe, have created a history of the first and biggest international sales competition ever held.


SEASAC is a European Commission funded Erasmus+ project created to support the professionalisation of B2B sales throughout the South-East Asian region. SEASAC Consortium consists of 4 European universities, 5 Indonesian universities, 2 Thai universities, and SEAMOLEC.


In this competition, competitors acted as salesperson met a practitioner/ educator/senior who acted as buyer in a simulated sales meeting. Many experts with experience and background from business and pedagogy, joined the competition as judges. This concept of sales competition adopted by Southeast Asian universities has been developed and and tested over many years by a number of European universities.


After the success of the 2020 SEASAC, hosted by the Mahasarakham University in Thailand, this year’s competition lead moves to Indonesia. Due to the continued pandemic, the SEASAC 2021 - in-tune with current sales conversations – the event was held online on March 3rd to 5th 2021. SEASAC 2021, sponsored by Salesforce, and hosted by the Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (UNPAR).


There was an official opening ceremony held before the competition started. Official remarks were delivered by H.E. Nadiem Anwar Makarim, MBA, the Minister of Education and Culture (MoEC) of Indonesia, and Mr. Suphat Jumpathong, Ph.D, the Permanent Secretary for Education, Ministry of Education of Thailand as form of supports from the Ministry of Education in Southeast Asia. The welcoming remark was delivered by the SEASAC Project Coordinator, Mr. Harri Lappalainen from Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Mr. Lappalainen mentioned that this event is the biggest Sales Competition for university-level ever held internationally. This SEASAC 2021 event was also greatly supported by the Headquarter of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO), Thailand, support message was delivered by Dr. Wahyudi, the Deputy Director for Programme of SEAMEO Secretariat.

The main sponsor of SEASAC 2021 is Salesforce, Singapore. Mr. Mohd. Rachman, the Asia Pacific Head Futureforce shared his message to all competitors. Mr. Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D, Rector of Parahyangan Catholic University also shared his welcome message to all participants of the opening ceremony. Continued with the warm hello from Dr Margaretha Banowati Talim, the SEASAC 2021 Competition Director. She said “I am delighted that we had a huge number of students participate, they are all stars. My thanks go my own staff and students, the various ministries of education and to the huge number of people from across the globe who helped make this a success”.



Mr. Harri Lappalainen, the Head of the SEASAC project and representing Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland), says, “We have now in great cooperation with relevant stakeholders created a Community of Practice around B2B sales higher education in South-East Asia. My feeling is that this has still been just a prelude and we expect to see expansion of SEASAC concept to hundreds of universities and polytechnics in coming years”.


Winners of the European Sales Competition and SEASAC are offered reciprocal opportunities to compete, thereby expanding students’ and lecturers’ cultural understanding of B2B sales. Furthermore, a joint driver for all higher education operators is to serve better the growing needs of markets for international B2B sales experts.



Details and how to contact the Southeast Asia Sales Competition core personnel can be found at www.seasalescompetition.com  




Disclaimer: This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

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