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Applying Latest Technology to Improve the Quality of Basic and Secondary Education

In its effort to assist Directorate General of Basic and Secondary Education (DG BSE) of Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia in collaborative programmes, SEAMOLEC Director and team paid a visit to the DG Office on 11 March 2019 and met Dr. Hamid Muhammad, the Director General with all his officials.

SEAMOLEC Director, Dr. R. Alpha Amirrachman and his managers presented several programmes which are potential to collaborate with the DG. Some of the contents were in form of programme report which have already been accomplished in previous years, and some others were to be proposed for new joint activities. Among the proposed programmes were; utilization of SEAMOLEC Innovative Educational Resources for Remote Areas (SIERRA) device, inserting Artificial Intelligence as additional subject for basic and secondary level students, and the Southeast Asia Creative Camp (SEA CC).

In response to the programme explanation by SEAMOLEC, Dr. Hamid was interested in applying Artificial Intelligence as a stand-alone module for students. Artificial Intelligence is considered as the latest technology that need to be taught to students in order to prepare themselves in education 4.0 era. Dr. Hamid specially requested to have another meeting between SEAMOLEC and DG BSE staffs to discuss more about the technical matters to prepare this idea. The offering to introduce Artificial Intelligence to students will be opened to all schools with some requirements, and DG BSE will select the schools with matching criteria to start this programme.

Dr. Hamid was also interested to know more about SIERRA device to be applied in basic and secondary schools in Indonesia with limited internet facility. The idea was to provide those schools with various additional materials in form of audio, video, or online test trial to enrich and improve the quality of the learning process without internet access. The material will also use various contents provided by Rumah Belajar of PUSTEKKOM.

Related to SEA CC, Dr. Hamid suggested that the results from all participating team should be put into one platform as best practices of the competition which later could be utilized by other students and teachers. Dr. Alpha welcome all the suggestions and SEAMOLEC is ready to assist DG BSE in future activities.

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