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SEAMOLEC New Appointed DDA
by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC - Feb 19, 2020

Mr Yudistira Wahyu Widiasana, or Pak Yudi as his nickname, is SEAMEO Regional Open Learning Centre (SEAMOLEC)’s new Deputy Director for Admin

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SEAMOLEC’s Sharing Session with SMKN 1 Sukadana, East Lampung
by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC - Jan 22, 2020

In its effort to prepare students to enter the workforce and to have well working attitude, SMK Negeri 1 Sukadana, the first public vocational high

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Participating in the 42nd SEAMEO High Official Meeting (HOM)
by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC - Dec 18, 2019

It was another remarked occasion of SEAMEO in the 42nd High Official Meeting (HOM) during November 27-28, 2019, in Bangkok, Thailand. As a vital li

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With Nodeflux SEAMOLEC will Develop Artificial Intelligence for Open and Distance Learning (ODL)
by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC - Nov 16, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that would require human intelligence. Examples

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Online Course for Family Education Officially Launched
by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC - Nov 16, 2019

Family education is believed to be the first and foremost education. The quality of a family that carries out its roles and functions well, determi

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SEAMOLEC Extends Collaboration with YPK Ora et Labora
by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC - Nov 4, 2019

Yayasan Pendidikan Kristen Ora et Labora (YPK OeL) is a foundation that manages Christian schools from kindergarten, elementary, junior and senior