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International Conference on MRA for Tourism Professionals Jakarta Aug 8-9

This section includes information related to the international conference for MRA-TP in Jakarta on Aug 8-9.

Session 1

 Opening Ceremony MRA (PPTX)     (Here)
 Keynote Address (DOC)  (Here)
 Pak Putu - MRA at Internation Conference (PPTX) (Here)

Session 2

 Alex Nayoan - MRA for Tourism Professionals (PPTX) (Here)
 Diena - Challenge of Tourism Development and Quality of Services in Indonesia (PPTX) (Here)
 TRY Chhiv - Challenge of Tourism Development and Quality of Service in Cambodia (PPTX) (Here)
 Wongsakorn - Training and Education Perspective on MRA-TP (PPTX) (Here)

Session 3

 Brett Stevens (PPTX) (Here)
 Fairlie Williams - Collaboration with AADCP in developing MRA (PPTX) (Here)
 NaGA - Jakarta PPT final (PPTX) (Here)
 Stephanie - GIZ IAI Project Overview and Progress ATPRS (PPT) (Here)
 Wayne - CBT and Regional Qualification (PPTX) (Here)

Session 4

 Bernard Harper - Registration under MRA-TP (PPTX) (Here)
 Mario Hardy - Regional Toursm Trend and its Impact (PDF) (Here)
 Mark Hefner - English as a Basic Means of Communication for MRA (PPTX) (Here)
 Sumarna - Indonesia's Skilled Labour Certification and Its Challenges (PPTX)

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